How is money un-everything?


I don’t need a time machine right now cause I am already feeling like I am travelling back to my past.

The first time my family shifted our house to this area, I felt that I was surrounded by an environment which was way above my comfort zone.  I lived in a good house, with all shops and restaurants that were nearby (that was my main criteria for calling it an amazing area). The evening nature, especially the spectacular terrace view, was one of my favourite things about this place. But, everyone knew that in reality, my phone was always something immensely addictive, and still is. Wherever I go. I have not the slightest idea of learning to survive without it even for a day.

On with it, I surfed Google on the net on a completely boring day, and searched about a random topic which I don’t remember right now. Suddenly, in the ‘related pictures’ column, I caught a glimpse of a happy picture in which poor children were joyfully playing hopscotch in the outskirts of a village. My thoughts wandered as usual, thinking about why people still insist on worshiping wealth when there is so much happiness existing even without it.

There was an unforgettable incident which was the standing proof that money is literally not everything.

My late aunt, who was diagnosed with cancer, had suffered for months. Lakhs were spent for her treatment. She was fortunately the sung hero who had fought for her life, and was loved dearly. It was too late to stand a chance though. God had already beckoned her with kind, outstretched hands, leaving us to suffer over the separation. When I was much younger, 10 years old I guess, we used to play ace and UNO, watch my favourite reality shows and laugh over funny songs. She always provided company for everything I loved to do. Sure, it was due to money that we ended up with the particular things I mentioned above, but not the happy moments I spent with her. Although we were ‘well settled’, the money we have could neither bring back the memories nor her life. My eyes had caught my entire family drowning in a grave of sorrow and remorse, though they did a great job of hiding it.

I did, as well. And I still do. Even after seven years.

Today though, we see an angel in the form of her through the stars with gleaming devotion.

Still, coming down to my opinions, hangouts and luxuries had only provided temporary happiness to me, only because its contents never last. For an incident as this, money can never bring the same happiness spent with loved ones, although it is essential for life. Simply because, I believe that creating joy is within ourselves, in which money becomes only the sub cause. When you buy/order snacks or food you love sometimes? The pleasure that comes out is due to the O.M.G HOW TASTY! food, without having even a flash inside our head about the amount spent on it.

Don’t waste money, they say. Don’t waste moments, I say.




A.N: Hey y’all! I am back. College has started, and this topic was given by my English teacher randomly in class. Therefore I had gotten the inspiration for this. It’s short, but I hope it has its effect. ❤ Also, the picture I inserted is not mine. Credits to whoever took it!


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