One ‘You’, Another ‘You’.

There’s one ‘you’

that ran into my life,

kept constructing a bridge of words

that drove me to explore

through the ocean of our bond.

Some day, though

the sea turned dead, 

lovely waves unmoved, unseen

I caught zero actions.

you left, but you existed.

I drowned, yet swam

back to the shore of my priorities.

There’s another ‘you’.

Crushed by reality being nobodies, 

never had a glimpse, 

yet each other’s everybody.

As quiet as a lone labourer, you stay

with your hammer.

Is it worth? No words exchanged, though

I hear the sound of your weapon,

the falling bricks, trying to break our wall.

I have not the slightest idea

of you, what you do, what you see,

thus keeping me out of your league.

Guess we’re perfect strangers

living the hopes of destiny’s kindness. 




AN: I am sorry for not posting for ages! But I just had this idea in mind yesterday and had to write this. P.s. The one ‘you’ and the another ‘you’ are two different people. Like, the former only says words, but never does them. The latter, without saying anything, making it all unaware, quietly does stuff. :’) ❤







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