Feelings Of A Fangirl.

Hush, it’s 2.45 am

Still uninvited by sleep,

with wide eyes, I dream.

My thumb presses on Youtube 

all at once, as my heart flutters

at his very existence

when I catch upon his videos! 

Yuuuussss finally!

Ringing in my ears, so deep

is his husky voice

A curve forms on my lips

at the hint of his innocent smile

as I watch him with admiration.

My stare shifts to his hair

resembling the mesmerising waves of the sea.

He leaves me astonished every second. 

I call him my happy place, a lovely song

to the music of my mundane days.

Far far away, never accessible in any way

yet, so near, so close.

Losing myself, I get my daily dose of him.

Having a chance, never will I step back

to reality, the tunes which I despise dancing to

Let me not go, back to my sleep

for if he’d ever fail to be one,

I still wouldn’t say no. 





Note: I totes empathise with every fangirl out there cause when I wrote this, I did turn red! xD 😀 Not my best, but yeah. Still whole hearted though. :’)


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