Four Hours, Four Hundred Emotions.

The first hour,

with every word I heard clear as day

every minute of it

I felt, what a day of dismay!

My heart had pumped bigger and bigger

in the seconds, I felt

the running blood of anxiety 

instilling fear and nervousness all over my body.

Refrained tears stay dry 

as I look for a soothing solace close by.

Looks like I had found none?

Wait, it’s turned up!

The second hour,

with spoken words of guilt,

curiosity arises for the search of truth.

Well, eyes speak, they say?

Yet, uncertainty was the only outcome. 

Nevertheless, waves of relief rush upon me

as I heal the air of regret with a laugh.

There was an enhancement to the happiness.

Indeed, there was.

The third hour,

entirely focused on filling the room

with echoes of loud voices along with loud laughter.

Puzzled looks around had performed a feat of contrast

which was indeed worth the hype we created.

As true as the signs of exchanged jokes and talks were,

vibes were destined to work.

If I were seeking a song of moments, 

this was all it, my favourite song

at the spur of time passing by.

Yet, repeat mode had taken the major place

for the time being!

The fourth hour,

it was late, yet had to end somehow.

Adjourning was dear to most, unlike me.

Emptiness stirs all over again, 

adopting a flash of past memories 

that brutally hit me more than ever

as I watch the reasons of our joy

change on a cycle.

I am left with all confusion, unaware

why the small yet heavy pang

took over the entire day.

I stand, looking away, why.


Time had spoken just a word

as it smiled on my face. 



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