“This was it. Ever since I fell from there, everything along with me, had taken a toll on its turn. I was far from being one among the infinite group of lush, eye catching, pretty green leaves, which everyone had loved to see and take pictures with and of. I didn’t know why, but it had been bothering me. Why I wasn’t what people expected me to be. I tried hard, trust me. But it was just not working. I was destined to become different, I guess. One among many. They said it right, I was a yellow leaf, and I was weak. I had to fall somewhere desperately hoping for a glance, as I was terribly invisible for a fact. I had my worst days, when I wished to be stamped on, thrown somewhere afar, but inside me, I had secretly hoped that my uniqueness would lead to something immensely memorable some day. It was such a contradiction, to want to feel wanted yet isolated at the same time. Typically shy thing.
Sure, they were fresh, yet monotonous to the eyesight, simultaneously. I possessed neither of the qualities above, and I could feel that somewhere at the corner of this earth, there were cravings and desires to notice and seek new beings, among which I was found after long. I lay all days and all nights on the empty streets, striving to only strengthen the blazes of inspiration to no ends, as I provided a different perspective to living beings everywhere. And I turned out to be more fascinating than anyone had ever thought I will be. After decades, I was grateful to be a different thing in this big, burly world. It’s wonderful to be unique.”

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